Our History

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Jessica Wright, founder and owner of JFit Training Grounds opened her first boot camp in Indianapolis in July of 2006 (formerly known as Indy Adventure Boot Camp). At that time, Jessica was a Special Education teacher and started boot camp as a side gig to teaching. “I loved teaching and had a passion for fitness. As boot camp classes started to grow, I knew I had to choose a direction. I asked God to send me x # of campers if this was the direction He wanted me to take. He opened the door answering my prayers with that # and beyond. I am blessed to do what I love each and every day. I am surrounded by an amazing boot camp family.” Jessica

We are more than just an exercise class.  In boot camp, you meet a group of people with similar goals and you become part of a team/family.  Kay of Carmel stated, “I liked the diversity of those attending…came in as strangers, but felt like we bonded over the course of 4 weeks.”  Everyone encourages each other and we have a lot of fun.

Our History has proven that women and men in North Indy area are excited about JFit Bootcamp Mix. There have been over 2,000 campers attend and we can honestly say that we care about the success of each and every one of our participants.

JFIT Training Grounds Personal Training Studio! Boot camp classes may not be your thing, so in April, 2018, Jessica opened a personal training studio.  Walk in Strong, Walk out Stronger! Life can beat you up sometimes and leave you with pieces, but God has an awesome way of putting all of the pieces back together. That is how JFit Training Grounds was born. God restored what was broken and gave me new strength. I believe each person has their own unique strength. Physically, it may be that you are stronger, faster, or more beautiful than most. Emotionally it may be that you have incredible will power, courage, loving heart, or a strong mind. No matter what your strengths or your weaknesses are, my goal is that you walk into JFit Training Grounds strong and that we help you walk out even stronger! (well you may wobble out strong) We offer one on one personal training or small group weight training.