I like the energy, the variety, how you encourage, and modify the program to fit any fitness level. I always felt greatly challenged, yet felt great as I left-like I really did something good.Teresa, Indianapolis
I was reluctant at first to sign up due to not currently leading a very active lifestyle, but Jessica welcomes all fitness levels & I immediately felt comfortable. I was slower than other participants, but I received great encouragement & motivation to better myself.Amy, Indianapolis
This fitness and weight loss program is honestly the best gift I have given myself. It is motivating, stimulating and challenging everything my old routine lacked. It jumpstarts my day and I have met a wonderful group of women from all walks of life. I receive dedicated personal instruction – I couldn’t ask for anything more in an exercise program. You need to do this for yourself.
My Boot Camp Journey

This poem tells a story of the old and now the new. Of how my journey started, with a morning boot camp crew. My weight was like an anchor, always dragging my confidence down. A smile on the outside, merely masked an inside frown. My life had lacked its’ balance, changes were needed that day. Indy Adventure Boot Camp became the answer with Jessica leading the way. To say that I was nervous, would hardly be an overstatement. As my first “adventure” started, I nearly collapsed there on the pavement. As this rookie slowly matured, and my fitness and stamina grew, It became quite clearly obvious, that I’d lost a pound or two. So I set some higher goals, A SLAM B.A.M. Challenge in 09. My thoughts were on the finish line, could a victory be mine? My competiveness was high, a trait hard to ignore, if you’d had me for a chariot partner, you knew a ride is surely in store. My body became fitter, my mile times dropping as well. My muscles always aching, my tush it hurt like hell! I’m proud of my personal progress, but the true joy that fills my heart, is the progress of all my girls, who were there with me from the start. With my challenge soon to end, but my journey not complete. I’ve found a strength inside myself which won’t allow defeat. Because this race is neverending and mine’s just begun…. 20 camps and still going!Colleen Champine

I’ve tried every exercise program available and this is the best by far. Exercising with ladies every age and every size makes it fun. You never have to worry about being left behind or feeling uncomfortable. This program makes me feel energized, healthy, and confident.Cindy
The care and motivation given by the instructors is outstanding. This combined with knowledge and innovation, make working out FUN! Which says a lot coming from someone who did not exercise at all in the 15 years prior to attending boot camp.Julie, Carmel
The Adventure Boot Camp is simply the best! I particularly like the variety of activities and the sense of fun that’s built into the program. I really felt like I was getting the maximum benefit out of the program. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and overall health. Linda Landers
I have to admit I was a little skeptical about something entitled “Boot Camp”. I envisioned a lot of yelling and not the most nurturing environment. However, since day one of camp, I have been nothing but thrilled to wake up and hang out with my newly acquainted friends. After two camps, I have learned so many new exercises that have stirred muscles I didn’t know I had! The biggest change for me has occurred in my arms, hips and abs. I feel so much leaner and firm. I’m into a size 4 and my energy level has seen a significant boost. I look forward to every morning’s new adventure.Lisa M.
The instructors are amazing. They mix up the workouts and no 2 days are the same. The workouts can be tough, but they have great results. I have attended 9 camps and have lost 35 lbs. Indy Adventure Boot Camp is the best thing to happen to Indianapolis!
Knowledgeable and professional trainers, excellent format, effective results…I am in the best shape of my life because of this program and I’m almost 41 years old! I am addicted to this, going on my 7th camp! If you sign up, you will NOT regret your decision!Julie, Fishers
I just love the fact that no two workouts are the same! I have done many other boot camps in the area and none are run as smoothly and professionally as Indy Adventure. The results I have gotten over the last few months have been amazing and it is because they hold me accountable and expect me to succeed!Stacy, Fishers
After doing my first camp I am hooked! I had tried 2 other so called boot camp classes in the area and had given up on doing anymore. Then I had a friend talk me into joining Indy Adventure because she believed that I had just had some bad experiences. Well, she was right and I can’t believe the difference! The instructor is well prepared each day and each day is different. I even missed camp one day and by noon I had an email asking about where I was. The accountability for me is a big issue and that really helped knowing they are keeping close tabs. They have also really stressed eating better and even have put me on a meal plan that is actually working! Thanks so much!Lori, Fishers